Design Strategy

good design is always supported by a good basic concept. It is essential for a good idea to be displayed in a broader context to let us check its maturity.

Brand heritage

Market Analysis

Benchmark Analysis

Target Customer

2D Drawing

selling ideas cannot be door-to-door. Traditional methods merge with new digital media in order to develop together concreteness and originality, convince and excite.

Design research

Rough sketches

3 views rendering

Details development

Digital Modeling

practical experience has led 3D to interpose between the 2D phase and the physical model to accelerate the process and prepare the correct bases for the final manual work.

Technical Layout analysis

Detailed Style Poly modeling

Digital rendering

VR showing of Digital Mockup

Physical Modeling

nothing will ever replace the physical model, finally the idea is in front of us, we can touch it. A welcome to the most exciting and rewarding part of the whole process. The idea came to life.

CNC Clay / Foam milling

Physical Clay / Hard modeling

3D printing - supply / assembly

Digital Scanning

Painting - Model finishing